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How to become a CCIE, earn some cash and become famous at the same time

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

All this at the same time? Not possible surely!

Well depends on how you look at it. I have a plan :)

What kind of job would allow you to be sorounded by technology, have you earning steady cash with sensible working hours and perhaps lead you to stardom?

Not sure?

Could it be a trainer?

Well offcourse it could. Being a trainer will let you be inately familiar with all aspects of classes you are teaching. It will generate cash on a regular basis and have you working normal hours. If you get really, really good and you probably will there is always a posibility of writing a book or consultancy on the side. Activism on forums could quickly build you up as a real expert and you all know how much easier it is to land a kick-ass job when you are famous.

So what is your (mine) next step? Pass CCNP and acquire CCNA trainer certification. From there you should go on to passing a wide range of Cisco certs:

  • CCIP - 3 more exams (BSCI you already passed on CCNP)
  • CCVP - 3 more exams (QoS passed while working on CCIP)
  • CCSP - 5 exams, no help there
  • CCDP - 2 exams (one is CCDA exam and another from the CCDP range)

So you say I am crazy? Well offcourse I am, which normal person would be working in IT at all.

My situation in like this. I work at a Microsoft Gold partner which is working on becoming a Cisco partner so I have myself nicely set up to become a trainer. Hopefully becoming a CCNP won’t wait much longer than January 2008, so I am planning to become a trainer during 2008 and still have time to pass CCIP and CCVP exams. During 2009 CCSP and CCDP should be dealt with and perhaps if a proffesional level certification for SAN is out that too. In 2009 it would be great if I would start teaching CCNP plus perhaps a few more proffesional level courses. A year of reckoning 2010 in which I would hopefully be able to pass the CCIE written and a year later the lab exam. And you tought it was impossible. It just takes time and effort. So see you in 2011 when I am CCIE :)