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BSCI passed. Easy? So so. Prepared? Not enough!

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Yeah I passed, but with only 798/1000 and 790 is the pass mark. So just one more question wrong and I would be a goner. Not that I am unhappy with passing, but the fact that really bugs me is I totally didn’t have a clue about 2 or 3 of the questions.

There were a lot of IPv6 and Multicasting questions which were not my strong point, two simulations (easy redistribution and some OSPF) and a simlet. Looking at my way of preparation there is a thing I can do better and that is read more regular books.

For BSCI materials used were in order:

- Cisco Academy: went through the complete program and did all the simulations (skipped ISIS, didn’t have the right IOS)

- CBT Nuggets: Jeremy Cioara, one bad ass networker, really a cool guy from what I can tell. Loves his job and teaches well.

- Lastly I combined all three doing some Cisco Academy simulations with Dynamip, watching Nuggets that were not too clear.

So now I am thinking which one will be next :) Who knows!

Take care people!