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To buy or to rent

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

As my job is going to be slowly switched to security I was browsing eBay today and while surfing for PIXs and ASAs looked at prices of routers and switches for CCIE R&S. You can now get a 3550 48 port SMI for $350 which is dirt cheap compared to last year or a bit more when I was looking. Then they were around $1000. For someone going into CCNP it would be great to buy two of these plus a couple 2950 ($75-100) and a couple 2610 ($100) which can all be used for CCIE later. Thats just above $1.000 and trust me will be very beneficial for you. Just for BCMSN I used around $150 for rental and used Dynamips for others but would have loved to have had real equipment.

I can say that now it has become affordable to acquire equipment for your CCNP which can carry on to CCIE (just add 2 more 3560) and you can also use these in all other CCIE concentrations and preparations for the likes of CCSP.

Think about it :)