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How your brain multitasks!

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Via RavensBrain

Destructive manager behaviours series

Monday, May 31st, 2010

A trully great piece of work up until now, there are 2 published and surely hoping for more.

Check out the outher pieces as they come, there should be nine in the end.

The surprising truth about what motivates us…

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Trully amazing huh?

Change control is important?

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Here is a great article on whether or not we should strictly adhere to change management protocols.

Its good, but you should really check the comment, some smart stuff there! :)

Nasty does not equal useless!

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

A nasty temper does not exclude the possibility of great ideas.

I am sure everybody has a coworker with fire coming out of his mouth as soon as he opens it. But does it mean he is not allowed to have great ides? Definitely not, but if you start with a wall on front of someone they need to have an incrementaly more awesome idea the nastier they are. Next time a constantly nagging guy comes to you with idea, stop and listen to him maybe he has something smart to say.

Are there more nasties in the male population or is it just me?

Oh-oh to ta-da

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Here is actually a video on how knowledge impairs performance!

Ran into it thanks to this blog.

He (or she) asks some interesting questions on how much we loose by being project managers. Proces this, methodology this, follow this, chart this… blah blah blah. Are we loosing the feel for it and just becoming a sofisticated type of monkies in suits?

Not really, but we are deffinitely loosing the joy of watching the work develop and hapily seing it come to a fruitful end.

Is team building really useful?

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Don’t get me wrong having a “team” feel like a Team (not A Team) to each other makes perfect sense, but why is that every organization is looking for a follow the book solution? Teams get built with you or without you. They can build against you if you are not careful! Clear cut lines between rank and file don’t really work in the modern economy with the rank being able to add a lot of value to work. Be honest to the guys and girls, have an honest down to earth conversation from time to time and ask for their opinions. When I say ask for their opinions I don’t mean just put it in some file and throw it away, think about it, give them feedback and let them know they are valued.

This is what got me thinking.

Positioning yourself as an expert?

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Ran into this article and to an extent this seems like normal. But it feels somehow old and washed out. Hasn’t this been the mantra for ages? In brief  it says:

  1. Share your knowledge and promote your expertise.
  2. Be a mentor.
  3. Learn the right way to use social media.

I am all for sharing but having sharing presented as a PR activity really hurts me deeply. Share if you love to share and help your fellow workers, don’t share if the primary reason is to better your career. Being a mentor is something wonderful (having a mentor also) you can have somebody to bounce off ideas and who will be there to keep you in check if you get some crazy ones. Its just important to have it more in a friendship style and not “Me king, you pawn!”. And as for social media, I am up for all the new hot technologies and using it to better get in touch with you followers and I totally think this channel of communication has more problems then benefits but if used correctly it can be done.

Now for something really extrodinary!  Check this out!

That is how you position yourself as an expert!

How busy are you?

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

As a start I said Scott makes me drowsy, maybe its just the format :)

Take a look at his great article The cult of busy and don’t forget to read the comments some really nice things there.

Personally I am all for your results matter and not how much effort you put in. It is not always in direct relation and the rewards in the cruel capitalistic world are definitely out of all imaginable proportions :)

Have a nice day!

So what now?

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Now for something completely different.  From 1st June I will be changing to another position in my company (AT&T). Focus of my work will be on project management thus a new chapter occurs in the story that is to be my life :)

After careful research I decided that my first steps into serious project management will be the basic course at (the guys who brought you PMP/CAPM) and Scott Berkuns “Making Things Happen”. The PMI course is going on pretty decently but its a lot of material to digest to start understanding truly what they are saying. I am happy with it although the price could be a tad lower (as always). I am already coming to grips with the terminology, and the names of all the documents that will be produced during one carefully thought out project.

Scott Berkuns book is pretty decent but a real torture for me somehow. There is interesting stuff, a lot that I could learn and a good story behind it with him being a long time Microsoft employee. But after 15ish pages I get really drowsy. Blame it on my lack of sleep but my ATM favourite book author Seth Godin just puls me in and doesn’t let go.

Considering the seriousness of the situation and that I definitely want to really do my job well and like the job itself I decided on an attack plan to combat study fatigue and increase retention of new topics and improve old ones. Books are mountains and for every mountain you need an excessive amount of effort. Articles are hills, across smaller ones you can even run, over bigger ones you can jog. So spotting one good business/project management/people management article per day and digesting it is what need to be done.

Now let’s get to it :)