AdSense pays Chuck Norris more then everybody else!

January 12th, 2011

Recently I was able to acquire a piece of information from my contacts inside Google.

This might shock you a bit but there are more privileged people in the AdSense program. As they say “We are all equal, just some of us are more equal!”. After digging through a list of those who get a percent more here and there I had a startling discovery. Google pays Chuck Norris more than it gets from advertisers!

Not only that but if you look at Chucks CTR you will see he has over 100% which is unheard of! Also this brings me to the question are Sergey and Larry laundering money through Chuck? Would make perfect sense as it is well known IRS does not check his account (there is a post on wikileaks, link to follow later).

Now this would not be so strange that we didn’t dig up a couple of emails with Google support from none other than Bruce Lee! So you thought he was dead? Guess not, and he wants the same privileges like Chuck.

Re: [#63252312]
Google AdSense <> 

Hello Bruce,

Thank you for notifying us of the clicks that have been seen on Google ads of Mr. Norris. The advertiser you are referring to is a valued member of our community and blogs often on his trouble of blending in the ads on his site. We have even consulted Mr. Norris to work with an SEO expert on improving his incoming traffic from search engines. If you have put in half the effort as he has instead of punching people out you might have had more money.

Please note that clicking on your own ads for any reason is prohibited, as it has the potential to inflate advertiser costs. We appreciate your efforts toward avoiding such clicks in the future.

For additional questions, we encourage you to visit the AdSense Help Center (, our complete resource center for all AdSense topics. Alternatively, feel free to post your question on the forum just for AdSense publishers: the AdSense Help Group (

In case you feel frustrated, watch a video of Mr. Norris doing roundhouse kicks, always helps me sleep better.


The Google AdSense Team

To access the Google AdSense home page or to log in to your account,
please visit:

There are rumors that Chuck is going into affiliate marketing, so earn something while you still can or just run for the hills. I heard growing tomatoes is a nice profession.

Yours truly

Branko Santo

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