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[5in5] What I am doing wrong!

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

First critique for myself publicly.

  • Not doing the stuff I can myself
  • Not pushing hardly enough (1h a day)
  • Not working on SEO

What am I going to do?

  • Make a list of a 100 sites that cover the same niche as we do and ask for link exchange
  • Make a list of 40 possible customers to advertise on site and ask if they are interested (cold call + mail)

Alea iacta est!

[5in5] Google love and publicity stunt

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

So as soon as I started talking on here about my sites we got some Google love :)

Week over week we are up 39% visits from search engines which is a pretty significant increase, now looking at about 50+ visits a day from TTH. As the amount of content on the sites rises the search traffic should also.



And for the publicity stunt part I am working on getting some freebie miniatures from a company and having my guy paint them and give them away on site.


  • Starting a relationship with a market leader
  • Promoting our skills in miniature painting
  • Gaining visibility

Also working on possible creation of our own set of miniatures, but more about that when I have something tangiable :)

[5in5] Money making ideas…

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Yes only ideas as we have currently zero revenue.

  • Selling ad space (Google Adsense or direct via Google AdManager), why currently we don’t have adsense on the site is a good question. I think since the visits are still on the low end I prefer to keep the “Advertise here” until we get some traction.
  • Affiliate marketing (Amazon for now), not really working, still haven’t made a sale. Problem is probably that people who actually buy this already have where to buy at better prices than Amazon and those people don’t do affiliate.
  • Painting commercial miniatures. We do have a couple of people in line for this and are investigating how the process would go and trying to drive down expenses on shipping.
  • Modeling new miniatures or additions to current miniatures. As most of the currently popular minis are modular, creating awesome additions for them can be a way to go. Currently researching possibility of cheap 3D Printing and resin casting.
  • Creating new games. Card games are cheaper to create so we will probably go that route but also researching possibility of having a game with miniatures created. Sales online or via publishers maybe even sell the rights if me make something good.


Any ideas? Pass them over!


For those who don’t know what I am talking about [5in5]

[5in5] How we started.

Friday, June 17th, 2011

It is pretty simple to get an idea but forming it into a plan is not so easy (contrary to popular opinion). I am abig fan of games be it computer games or card games and I am very familiar with TCG (trading card games) and Table top games and have extensively played Dungeons & Dragons in my early twenties. Being lucky enough to know some extraordinary people in those worlds I managed to feel out where there would be opportunities to earn some money.

First things first and I needed to think of a way of how to gain visibility for our cause at a hopefully cheap price. So being a somewhat experienced web entrepreneur (built and sold 3-4 sites in the period 2005-2008) I knew that the only way to have sustainable eyeballs is to receive some “Google love!” and the best way to do it is content. Therefore the hunt for gaming geeks who really love this stuff and could actually write started. It took me around a week to identify with who to start the adventure with and we made an agreement to get started.

Writing articles every day is a hard job so we split the responsibilities hiring another guy to help in writing. That was the TTH team for the first two months. On 1st May we booted which is you guessed it a place for Trading Card Games for which we hired another subject matter expert.

Let us visit the costs in the first 4 months (closing end of June):

  • Domains:,, (not started yet) = $21 for a year
  • Hosting: GoDaddy, already had it = $0
  • CMS + Themes, WordPress + ThemeForest = 2 x $35 = $70
  • Writing: $270 per month per blog, TTH x 4 + TCGH x 2 = $270 x 6 = $1620
  • Link building: started a couple of days ago and included in the writing fee


  • 111 visits (about a 100 visitors) a day for the last 7 days
  • 40ish visits a day from search engines for the last 7 days


  • 50 (40ish visitors) visits a day for the last 7 days
  • 26 visits a day from search engines for the last 7 days



Stay tuned for the money making plan coming next :)




The $5mil in 5 years project!

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

So to put my money where my mouth is as they say, here I kick-off the brag-a-ton or the fail-a-ton depending on what happens in the end :)

  • Field of interest for the project? Hobby gaming culture
  • What involves that? Trading card games, Tabletop games, fantasy role play games
  • Greatest successes? Magic the gathering, Munchkin, Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons
  • How will you collect eyeballs? through several blogs which will be publishing at minimum one article a day to gain Google ranking and attention in the space
  • How will you make money? advertisments, painting miniatures used for games (which come unpainted), inventing and producing games
  • How will you finance you endeavor? personal resources on a monthly level for blogs and resources for painting miniatures, capitalization/partnership for creating games
  • You have a bunch of money saved up? no as there are no large startup fees, $35 for the worpress theme and I already have hosting taken care of (shared $65 for all sites together), $250 per blog for writing and link building
  • You really think with $500 a month you can make $5mil in 5 years? no the real money earner is producing a wildly popular game and either selling out to a big publisher or earning the money by selling enough of the product
  • Do you really think it can work? I do and that is why I am writing this, to show how awesome I am and after I make it write a book by putting the whole blog together and earning a couple of millions more :)

Further on I will start all articles related to this as [5in5].

There you go!


Hindsight smart-asses!

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

I am going to be very short.

I love books, I love improvement of any kind and I love people explaining stuff.

Why do I hate Books where people write how they made it big? Well because they talk from hindsight. I would really really love to see someone document their travels in making millions from zero (or close to) and saying what he is going to do step by step posting all kinds of data.

That would kick ass

I just might do it!