16 June 2011 ~ 3 Comments

The $5mil in 5 years project!

So to put my money where my mouth is as they say, here I kick-off the brag-a-ton or the fail-a-ton depending on what happens in the end :)

  • Field of interest for the project? Hobby gaming culture
  • What involves that? Trading card games, Tabletop games, fantasy role play games
  • Greatest successes? Magic the gathering, Munchkin, Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons
  • How will you collect eyeballs? through several blogs which will be publishing at minimum one article a day to gain Google ranking and attention in the space
  • How will you make money? advertisments, painting miniatures used for games (which come unpainted), inventing and producing games
  • How will you finance you endeavor? personal resources on a monthly level for blogs and resources for painting miniatures, capitalization/partnership for creating games
  • You have a bunch of money saved up? no as there are no large startup fees, $35 for the worpress theme and I already have hosting taken care of (shared $65 for all sites together), $250 per blog for writing and link building
  • You really think with $500 a month you can make $5mil in 5 years? no the real money earner is producing a wildly popular game and either selling out to a big publisher or earning the money by selling enough of the product
  • Do you really think it can work? I do and that is why I am writing this, to show how awesome I am and after I make it write a book by putting the whole blog together and earning a couple of millions more :)

Further on I will start all articles related to this as [5in5].

There you go!


3 Responses to “The $5mil in 5 years project!”

  1. hawran 16 June 2011 at 10:21 am Permalink

    fingers crossed for the project.

    “I am writing this, to show how awesome I am” - Barney Stinson :) )) rofl

  2. Branko Santo 16 June 2011 at 11:38 am Permalink

    Hope we have a chance to catch up in 5 years mate ;)

    Or better yet, see you in the trenches!

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