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Perfect job look-a-like

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

I am on a vacation and sometimes its really hits me how “the job” mentality is broken.

Let us imagine a perfect job:

  • sliding work hours, 5am - 11pm. Could be covered by two shifts of support staff. Benefit for people who have a non-9to5 biological rhythm. Allow for things like mid-day break for lunch + gym + nap or whatever.
  • work performance remuneration. Auction work packages for employees those who can and do more should be rewarded more even in the same group. Assign difficulty and earned “points” for each package and perhaps even let them battle it out if two people want the same package.
  • base salary for getting x amount of work done. Imagine you can do what an average person at work does in about 3 hours a day. How about not having to sit another 5 hours but still get your salary?
  • cross functional work. Can you imagine being a programmer and working 10h/week as an HR? Maybe you want to make a career change or build up skills. Why should you quit the good life to start at the bottom when you could just make a smooth transition. There are so many positions that can benefit from cross pollination that it really isn’t clear to me why this is not encouraged in companies.
  • banning really bad coffee machines. I don’t really care how cheap it is, if you don’t supply the good stuff better don’t supply at all.

That would be a good start to a very nice job where you could really enjoy :)

[5in5]First sale?!

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

12,219 visits

20,620 pages

9,108 visitor

That my friends is how much it takes to make your first affiliate sale with amazon :)

$4.36 closer to 5mil :)

[5in5] Progress update…

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Last two weeks, made 3 link exchanges (wow so pathetic). And finalized a second agreement with a publisher for some freebies.

Week over week on TTH seems to be going well with stable progress, but TCGH is not doing so good stuck at ~50 visits per day.

TTH Week over week

TCGH Week over week


We did break on TTH for the first time 200 unique visitors in one day with just over a 100 coming from search engines (another first).

Audience wise we are progressing nicely, where I am unhappy is on the money earning battlefield. If we try to offload the monthly cost as soon as possible, advertising seems to be the only solution, therefore must start chasing everyone and anyone who could want to advertise with us and create an offer to present to them.


Work to be done, must get cracking.

Why stop half-way?

Monday, July 4th, 2011

I love Book Depository and I even use it as an affiliate scheme. But that is not why we are here. When compared to Amazon they usually have the same prices when you add up international shipping and customs (me being in Europe and all).

Why I buy at BD is these little book markers they give out sometimes that I just bloody love! I don’t really need 15 book markers, but I have them, and I get happy when I open an envelope with a book and there is one inside (they don’t send them always).

If you look at it closer there is a 10/14 so these are collectible. And now we come to the problem!

Why BD are you not being smart enough and enticing people to collect these and giving them a place to exchange them?!?!?