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[5in5] Updates

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Well it is that time of the month (why am I talking like I post regularly?)

August was very nice and we had record breaking months on both TableTtopHell (6.266 visists) and TCGHell (2.844 visits) blogs. What is really really good is that it seems we were in a google sandbox for 4 months with TCGHell and that we are finally out.

Can you spot the sandbox?

We fortunately/unfortunately have to scale back on the amount of posting on TCGHell since our star writer is going to be working on playtesting a game which we hope to have out by end of year. Revenue model still undecided.
We picked up Twitter more seriously engaging people all over. And last but not least we had another sale last month which very nicely netted us $17 :)

Have fun people!