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10 December 2007 ~ 0 Comments


I just finished the Cisco Academy teleworker connectivity chapter and learned some good stuff.

These two use a lot of the same logic, in principle the key is a router connection to the provider and NAT/PAT translation on the inside part of the network.

Steps to cover a PPPoE connection are:

  1. Configure the “outside” interface which will be used to connect yourself to the provider (note: no ip address)
  2.  Configure your dialer interface which will negotiate your IP and make sure you are connected (note: mtu size 1492)
  3. Configure NAT/PAT (note: take care of mss, max 1452)
  4. Setup DHCP for the inside network
  5. Make a default route to the provider

The PPPoA situation is very close and differs in an obligatory mode and encapsulation settings.

08 December 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Upgrade to Windows server 2008 attempt…

No testking, pass4sure, actualtest or anything else :)

Since I am an MCT, MOCs for the upgrade are available and I must say I did not read everything. The upgrade exam is consisted actually of two exams, one for TS: Active directory and one for TS: Network Infrastructure. You need to pass both to get the upgrade, I barely scraped through Network Infrastructure with 700/1000 (the exact ammount needed to pass) and failed the AD part (572/1000). There is a lot of new stuff on the exams. And the new stuff is really cool, I already wrote about it and now that I have studied it some more there are just words of praise for the MS team. RODC and Core Server installation is such a great combination for a branch office. Interesting is that I have not even touched the infrastructure part of the material and I passed it, which would perhaps mean that it was a bit easier or that I had more luck guessing :)   Well it was stuff I work more with so it was a bit easier for me. I really do bealive that a person with expirience could go through the MOCs and pass these exams (perhaps not in a first try but not all that hard) so when you get the chance prepare yourselves and get to it.

I will report back if I pass next time.

P.S. Second shot is on the table until end of January!

P.S.S. No I can’t share the MOCs

07 December 2007 ~ 0 Comments


This sounds too much like FBI and CIA :)

IIN - Inteligent Information Network

SONA -  Service Oriented Network Architecture

Been reading the Cisco network academy program and this is the first chapter. I felt lost, thought I was in design land. Anyway some great info is there. Thinking of organizing a strong and flexible network? Surely take a look at this as it describes the architecture of an enterprise network all together with SOHO/Mobile workers/Branch offices. I already knew a good deal of this as the layered network structure (access/distribution/core) is a part of the BCMSN that recently succumbed to my brain.

The biggest problem of all the topics seems to be the remote worker connecting to the inside of the network. VPNs, IPSec, MPLS  are all parts of the ISCW so can’t wait to get on to those.

Gotta go now ;)

06 December 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Trouble be gone!

Well today was an interesting day :) Got up at 4AM finished the nuggets, went to the gym got back home and with a full hart and a gigantic cup of coffee wanted to setup SDM on a network. Should be a trivial task! Well with all the trouble Dynamips provides on Windows I decided to boot up my Fedora, but what was I thinking it does not run SDM as its strictly for MS operating systems (I am an “MS guy” but don’t get me started on how wrong this is!). OK I decide to install VMWare and install an XP inside. Time lost? like 4 hours and a busted kernel and no result.

OK than I switch back to my XP x64 and Dynamips still goes on to give me crap now with memory allocation problems (not the regular stack dumps, this is totally new!) Time lost like an 2 or 3 hours on installing another XP inside this one to test it inside, and it didnt work there too! Then I get a wild idea and decide to switch the IOS which has served me for such a long time, and I manage to get everything working at least for the time being.

And I must be the stupidest networker  trying to get my host and Dynamips to cooperate. First I miss the interface that I actually did connect, than I misstype the IP address and after that forget to bring it up. And now that I have it running I am just to strained to try anything :)   Just another crazy day in trying to get …. somewhere :)

Yesterday I got a surprise  first 4 seasons of “Will and Grace” probably one of the best series ever. So have with what to relax. I could go for some icecream. Naaaahhhh, well enough babbling and on to new victories. Take care people!

06 December 2007 ~ 0 Comments

ISCW unraveled

Well I was quick to go through the CBT Nuggets for this one and as always its great to listen to Jeremy again :)

I am totally loving MPLS and can’t wait to get into the nitty gritty of it. Anyway as my plan is to go after the CCIP after I get done with CCNP I will have a solid base to build on. Security topics are great and I must say SDM is a gift for as all-in-one network/system admins. It is just so nice to see such a tool and hopefully I will be good at using it but after all CLI is the place where I like to be.

So will be starting today or tomorrow with  the Cisco academy program and will report in more details as I go though the chapters.

Take care ;)

03 December 2007 ~ 0 Comments

ISCW introductory post…

well I have been reading up a bit on the topics, looking over book contents and some CBTs.

All in all it seems that IPSec + VPN, network/device hardening and MPLS are around 90% of the material. There are topics on connections (DSL, Cable and such) but from the first look it does not seem all that in depth.

Here are the topics from the Cisco site:

  • Implement basic teleworker services
  • Implement Frame-Mode MPLS
  • Implement a site-to-site IPSec VPN
  • Describe network security strategies
  • Implement Cisco Device Hardening
  • Implement Cisco IOS firewall
  • Describe and configure Cisco IOS IPS

I already watched some videos on MPLS and I like it :)    IPSec and VPN I am familiar with from Microsoft networking so this should be an easire one as I have a solid foundation on some of the topics.

Will be reporting soon and hopefully much more than for BCMSN.

29 November 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Man vs Cisco :)

Ok friday is going to be hopefully my last day studying for BCMSN since saturday morning I am gonna take the exam.

Feeling good but not great, wireless is perhaps my weak point but I know a good deal.

Well we shall see saturday :)

Edit: Passed the exam 923/1000, it was not all that hard. I was pretty scared from the BSCI since I barely scraped through that one. Weakest part of the exam for me was Voice and than Wireless. No contacts with wireless equipment at all and next to none with voice so it was expected. People say BSCI and BCMSN are quite harder than the rest of the CCNP curriculum and I certinaly hope so. Anyway 2 down 2 to go. Hoping to shoot down these by the end of May since I will be also trying to pass my MCSA upgrade to 2008 until end of January (while the second shot is active).

Thanks to everybodies support and see you next time :)

15 November 2007 ~ 5 Comments

CCIE4U 3 sessions free! One per person please :)

Well as I said I still got three sessions free and want to give them away.

If you want them please leave a comment here and soon as the sessions are.

16.November.2007 04:00 -08:00

18.November.2007 00:15 -04:00

19.November.2007 00:15 -04:00

I will send you the user and password for logging in and you can hopefully use it better than I can. If there are more than 3 people that call in I will decide on your willingness to put it to good use, so please write something in that comment and not just “Gimme the session!”

15 November 2007 ~ 0 Comments


Well I said once how I was switching my rack rental providers. Big mistake, not saying it but doing it. My attempt to get a nice rack session has gone totally berserk. Not that they didn’t try! When I first contacted them they were nice enough to open up a Moneybookers account and accept that as payment since I don’t have PayPal. But the here is what was missing.

  • Booked the sessions  - Went well
  • Waited for the instructions - never got them
  • After my first session started, mailed them for instructions and got them… later in the day (ok perhaps slightly my bad I could have asked for them somewhat sooner)
  • Second session, login is not working! OK they give me a freebie but that is what is expected.
  • Third session I start working and after about an hour screen freezes up and I have to disconnect. After 20ish minutes or so (went to get something to eat) I log back in just to find the complete rack turned off. So I am in no mood to start all over again.

I still got 3 sessions left and I am giving them away! Check out the next article for more. :)

14 November 2007 ~ 2 Comments


Don’t know how about you but I work a lot, and mostly people in IT do. Mostly when I combine learning (for the job) and working I am on a 60-70 hour weeks non stop. Some days I work more and some days less, when I compensate with learning more. Saturdays are pretty much the same, Sundays I usually take a day off, well perhaps just a couple of hours of testing in the morning.

If it is luck or not, I am not sure, but now and than I get a twitch in my left eye. That is the moment I realize my body is saying “take it slow”. Stress, caffeine and overworking is just a routine nowadays so can you spot when you are overstressed? What is your stress-o-meter?

P.S. Decided to get off Coke (not the drug :) ) and get back to coffee as at least it has less calories.

P.S.S. Don’t give up!

S.O.S. give yourself a day off :)